Thursday, June 09, 2016

The First Breeze of Spring

let the flowers fill with colour, let the first breeze of spring blow;
and you, you also come, so that the garden can begin to bloom

there is sadness in this prison, friends; say something to the breeze:
let me hear the name of my beloved, for God's sake, at least somewhere

just once, let the sun rise from the corner of your mouth
and let the night be filled with the scent of musk from your hair

the bonds of pain run deep; this heart is impoverished;
let people come to comfort me, only because of what you mean to them

whatever I have suffered, is done with; but may my tears on the night of separation
not be wasted, but adorn your future

my frenzied desire to be with my beloved
I tied in the rags of my collar

no place held allure for me;
after being separated from my beloved, I went straight to the gallows

-- Faiz Ahmed Faiz (a loose translation by me,  of Gulon Mein Rang Bhare)

image shayari for gulon men rang bhare baad-e-nau-bahaar chale
chale bhi aao ki gulshan ka karobar chale
tumhaare na...

This ghazal by Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-84) was most famously sung by Mehdi Hassan.

 Many others have also sung it, including Jagjit Singh.  Recently, an English singer, Tanya Wells, recorded the first two couplets, in a very simple and beautiful rendition:

Bhashwati wrote:
Ah what lovelies you have put.
The photograph, the ghazal by mehdi hassan, the translation by you and the rendering by Tanya.
That gave me goose pimples

Its like a rainbow riding a breeze!

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Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy said...

My advanced apologies if I am spoiling your mood Gandhi saab!

But I venture as below. Arz karta hun... kiske liye hai bataa kiskaa naam
ye kiske liye hai bataa kiskaa naam
o panchi tera ye sureela salaam
hawaaon pe likh do hawaaon ke naam

shaakh par jab dhoop aayi haath chhoone ke liye
chhaaon cham se neeche koodi hans ke bhooli aayiye
yahaan subah se khela karti hai shaam

hawaaon pe likh do hawaaon ke naam
hawaaon pe likh do hawaaon ke naam
ham anjaan pardesiyon ka salaam
hawaaon pe likh do hawaaon ke naam...

Lyricist Sampooran Singh Kalra (Gulzar) Saheb ko vinamra pranaam ke saath!