Sunday, February 26, 2017


fragile as a moth's wing
dissolving at the lightest touch
into motes
 borne on a breeze

Saturday, February 25, 2017


A betel nut tried to liven up a dead leaf with all its toxins and stimulants.

The areca (betel) nut, the seed of the areca palm, is commonly eaten by itself, plain or aromatically treated; or, most extensively,  with any of a variety of leaves, which can be astringent or aromatic and mildly sweet.  These are wrapped around the areca nut, along with lime, catechu, and many sweet and fragrant condiments. These condiments vary according to taste and the specific leaf used. Frequently, the whole thing is a vehicle for chewable tobacco. The mix of leaf and nut is called paan in South Asia.

There is irony in the fact that chewing paan, because of catechu and lime (rich in calcium), strengthens the gums and teeth, but also weakens them at the same time. Paan, like caffeine and nicotine, is chemically very rich and habit-forming, so much so that people who are habituated to it become dysfunctional in their work and effort unless they frequently chew paan as an enhancer of concentration and performance. On the other hand, when an unaccustomed person chews it, palpitation, giddiness, and even fainting can ensue.

In this picture, the nut is shown cut exactly in half. The leaf which is shown is not edible and is not part of the areca palm.

Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy said...
apani hi duniyaa me khoyaa rahe wo
hamare dil ki na puchhe bedardaa
puchhe bedardaa

paan khaaye saiyaan hamaaro
saanvali suratiyaa hoth laal-laal
haay-haay malamal kaa kurataa
malamal ke kurate pe chhit laal-laal
paan khaaye saiyaan hamaaro.....

Charu said...

Not to forget, in accompaniment of paan and such, its contributions in three other areas; enhancements of romance in Royal households, of eroticism in brothels and ruining streets and staircase landing corners with red spits.

BTW, Betelnut's (Supari's) beautiful markings makes one think it grew upto be the leaf next to it.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Those Without Shadows

fill the mindscape

unfixed in size
criss-cross events
drained of people
places, significance
unknown, nameless, unfelt

the blinding light
of exploding neurons
of millions of nerve-endings
obscures the definition
between consciousness
and dreaming
with needle-sharp
shafts of light

casting shadows of doubt
shadows of shadows
of shadows

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


just as it is,
a tranquil sight to behold
or, a swamp before deluge
before water everywhere
fed up with one particular species
that it produced
plain fed up
with its restless
unceasing pursuit
of insatiable curiosity
gratification at any cost 
that it can bring about
even if the cost is terminal

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snow to Ice to Water to Apocalypse

Because of man-made climate change and depletion of the ozone layer, the polar ice is melting. Where has this ice/water gone? Into oceans, rivers, other water bodies, and then onto the land, continents, cities; flooding streets and homes.

But that is not all. Depletion of the ozone layer over the the poles has facilitated the penetration of ultraviolet radiation, which affects the earth, its creatures, weather and life itself.  When this phenomenon of reduction of the ozone layer had not taken place, it was protecting all life, and controlling more or less all weather in a particular system and order in the planet earth.

Now, that protective ozone layer has been progressively reduced to smithereens. The behavior of water bodies has gone haywire, and therefrom springs unseasonal heat, rain, storm, and countless other inclemencies, causing enormous harm, disease and death to creatures of every hue and kind; to forests and vegetation; and to almost everything else on earth.

Its effect pervades the innards of the earth, creating rumbles and earthquakes, and many other natural disasters, against which Man is unable to race and win, because he is the guilty party number one.

Is this process of disintegration of the planet as Man knew it restorable, renewable? I have no answer. I would be grateful if someone has, and if I come to know about it before my time is up.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


in the womb is light and darkness, 
the movement of the thumb to the mouth, 
the need for nourishment, 
the beginning of consciousness, 
the unknown lifeline of the umbilicus,
the amniotic fluid that is home 

the tomb is the end 
of light, darkness, 
it is nothing. just nothing. 
not even silence, 
no question of noise, 
no chaos of living.

Monday, February 06, 2017


my journey
into time
backward through my mind
took me to
forests of clouds
which became dark
and rained
on the weeds that
indolently swayed
in the luxuriant green breeze

and as it became dusk
I heard my mother
calling out for me
from afar
before I could hurl
the last pebble in the pond
and frightening a frog away
unknowingly made ripples of music
I did not wait to comprehend

the complicated maze
clears into the transparent innocence of
my childhood
and as I think
of all the wisdom
of disillusions acquired
I recognise the unsullied past
of languid time
before I travelled into
the future of dehumanised present

and I close my weary eyes
to run back again into
the one time of my dissolute days
which I can relive without remorse:

through the dense trees
and marshy clearings
and shrill cries of excitement
of playful mischief
and endless capacity
to marvel and wonder
at every small search
and discovery

then I hear myself
calling out for me
in helpless wish
if not to be able to
retrieve my loss
to retain at least
the desire and ability for

Saturday, February 04, 2017

In the Land of Dreams

in the land of dreams
in the shadows of clouds
come, come

struggling here
far from hope
come, come,
let's go away

Thursday, February 02, 2017



sea goddess
or a phantom
of empowerment

where and what
is the reality

laid maimed
in a pool of blood
or replacing the fan
to hang from the ceiling

where is it
where is the equality
where is the power