Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Fisherman's Child

Ennore, 1950

Bhashwati wrote:
The fisherman's child's photo is reminding me of an old song which has something about destiny or god playing with human lives the way a child plays with sand on the sea shore.

Master madan ch atma or pankaj mullick.
If  can remember i will share but for now:
the image is very humbling.
For the human being, less than a speck in the midst of vast forces of land sea and sky.. what vainglorious presumption led us to believe we will control forever with no consequences? 

And then the child... so vulnerable and yet in its innocence so confidently embedded and at one with the universe, without fear.   
bahut khoob.

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Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy said...

"...Koi bhi teri, raah na dekhe, nain bichhaye na koi
Dard se tere, koi na tadpa, aankh kisi ki na royi
Aankh kisi ki na royi
Kahe kisko tu mera
Kahe kisko tu mera, musaafir jaayega kaha
Dum lele ghadi bhar, ye chhaiya paayega kaha
Waha kaun hai tera

Oo musaafir
Tu jaayega kaha...?"