Sunday, March 25, 2018



Charu said...

A beautiful picture. I love it.

Not too long ago I entertained a thought that if the glass of reflective property, including mirror, had not been invented there would be less of Narcissism, self-absorption, in the world. That was quickly negated by another thought that as long as there existed any reflective pool of water a Narcisssus with a death-wish will be born every minute.

I see here that the rose wanting to be the Narcissus,the flower, is alreday dying at the edges.

Hemantha Kumar Pamarthy said...
Dil ke arumaan "aayine" mein rahe gaye.....

My reply...

Ab dil hai na dil ke aarmaan hai
Bas main hun meri tanhaai hai
Sheeshe mein dekhkar
Sochta rahta hun
Akele Akele
Kahaan ja rahe ho
Dekh li teri khudaai
Bas mera dil bhar gaya

Aansuon mujh par hanso
Mere muqaddir par hanso

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