Monday, February 11, 2019



once, youth
here and gone

Anonymous wrote:

my thoughts on Inbetween:

The pile of bricks that your subjects are placed against is what lies "inbetween" the 2 stages of life that they represent.
Rickety, uneven, collapsible life coordinates, a perennial threat and yet the only support available.... all along their journey from youth to old age. 
Brick by brick they have put together the feeble infrastructure of their existence with no other purpose than to exist.
An ancient cliche, c'est la vie

It also strikes me that despite their emaciated forms, particularly of the younger man, they must be in possession of strong spines. Had that not been so they would have been under that very unstable structure and not beside it! 

And then i see, in between the two sections of that apology of a wall, a strip of green, episodic goodness and wellness that must make an appearance in the bleakest of life journeys and sustain them.   

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