Monday, November 11, 2019

Search Within


what is the path
that I want to choose

I see miles of silence

years of loneliness

what is the purpose
that I am

what will I give
what can I take

I can cry
tears of rivers
but can I swim in them

what is the purpose
why am I here
and not there

but where is there
where is, what is, there

nothing is mine
yet my eyes fill with tears
at losing it

if I cannot understand
why I am
do I expect to understand
to recognise, to embrace
  the place I do not know
where I am headed to

I am lonely
and I cannot see ahead
because my eyes are filled with tears

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Ramesh, only now I found your blog. But even after you have passed, you shared my feelings and wrote them down so beautifully. It helps me reading them. A Loneliness shared.
Mrs Gandhi, i wish you love and courage.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands