Thursday, August 17, 2017


to freedom
to anywhere
even out into space

but in all probability
to be crumbled
food for insects
and birds

but can any one of these
the cheerfully unhinged

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


insect lace-makers
wreak destruction
leaving behind
a kind 
of beauty
in a symbiotic cycle
of survival

Bhashwati wrote:

our leaders
wreak destruction
leaving behind 
a frayed social fabric 
a tattered economy
in a parasitic
never ending cycle
of power lust

we cower under the fig leaf of patriotism and
hail the lace on the emperor's clothes.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Deep Into Silence

the rarest, deepest, darkest thing
the most desired thing
the thing that draws you in
farther, just a little more
the thing that drowning offers

the water waits
so ready
so still

Friday, August 11, 2017

Childhood's End

Madhavi, 1968

The year was 1968, give or take one, and Sholavaram held its first, perhaps India's first, international car-racing event. Madhavi, you were about six-eight years old? Your parents, Mukund and Geeta, and some friends, I don't know how, succeeded in forcing me to go with them to see the races. Having zero if not minus interest in the zoom-zoooom-zzrrrooom proceedings, where I could not even zzzzzzz, I spend my most of my time looking at people. I was timid about taking photographs without permission, so I mostly took pictures within the group where I was a reluctant participant. I think I remember your name, Madhavi? Having already taken some of your wide-eyed pictures, I got this one, and have prized it.

Like passengers in a railway compartment or at a station, where culturally and linguistically different, divergent people meet and part, our lives also peeled away.

I have several pictures of your mother Geeta, and your grandfather, Pratap Rai Mehta, both in my collection and posted on my blog, as well as a couple of yours. I saw your mother, father and your brand-new (to me) brother last in 1995, at my one-man show sponsored by the US Consulate at Bangalore, but learned very little about you. I wanted to know about you, and more, but in the crowded hall, except for pleasantries, nothing much could be exchanged.

 By chance, if you recognise this picture, me or my name, contact me: I am very eager to know about what happened, and is happening, to you. You must be in your early 50s by now; a mother perhaps, and why not also, maybe, a grandmother. I hope very much that life has not wearied you, and that you have still not lost your wide-eyed curiosity.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


vanishing into water
full of life or lifeless
from microscopic to gigantic
named and called earth by
Man, the ultimate creature on the planet
on the scale of evolution
whose pace is incremental
insatiable in quest 
for what he believes
to be progress
is also doing his best
instead, unknown to himself
to perish

Bhashwati wrote:

Vanishing appears to me to be ice eggs nestling in a complex hydrological womb.
Pleasingly soothing to the eye but almost ominous to consciousness because all our pretensions notwithstanding, we are most certainly melting down with the planet and faster than we would like to acknowledge.   

Monday, August 07, 2017


losing its bearing
latitude and longitude
depraded by the depraved
just one single species
that it spawned

losing its coordinates
proximate to extinction

blurred definition of 
arctic antarctic 
equator capricorn
all into cancer

who called it dear mother
who made it out to be blue

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Path, Pathik

breezy, smooth
pleasantly lonely

going forward, though
are unknown hurdles
divisions, offering
confusing choices
often frighteningly lonely
instilling fear of the unknown
from somewhere to somewhere
and eventually
from nowhere to nowhere

Bhashwati wrote:

What a glorious composition of elements.
Prithvi pe path aur aasmaan mein pathik.

This universe is best left untrammelled by the human element and its dilemmas and distractions.

Thursday, August 03, 2017


whether or not
time withers you
before you perish,

all animated life,
its renewal, rejuvenation, reproduction, 
which has continued for countless centuries

is counting down
to the end of survival
in any form

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Time: Ahead Behind

I am
behind time
in everything
I think I want
to try to wish to do
and don't

wondering if it matters
to time:
if it is seeing, hearing
wondering, judging

I live
or am I being
unknown to me
by life
pushing and dragging me
eventually to leave me

rather than do
I don't
rather than use time
I step out of it
and plaintively
let it overtake me
ignore me

if time baffled
by my ineptitude
my clumsy involuntary motions
through it
into it
or out of it

what is time anyway
and for that matter, I

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Nowhere Path

I am a traveller on the nowhere path
there are no signs of the beginning
nor directions for moving forward
towards the destination
if there is one

I have seen countless travelers
worn out by ecstasy and emptiness
rushing towards mirages
in which to drown

thorns prick me
as I try to pluck some joy
in and out of the journey

both illumination and darkness
have traversed the path with me
and taken turns to confound me

they have not kept me company for long
on the nowhere path

Friday, July 28, 2017


the leaf landed

where I sat contemplating
the meaning of life

as I took the picture

suddenly I felt
that its fall

detached from its tether

aimlessly blown by the breeze

told me a lot


Bhashwati wrote:

Thoughts on
A leaf no more ...

From a shimmering spot of colour 
where light and breeze marry
to a rusted relic of itself,.. 
the leaf's life is all too brief 
as it lies defeated by death.

Just as, shadows of former selves, 
frayed at the edges and weary at the core
discarding all quests for the meaning of life,  
withering away we await,  

the triumph of death

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


B wrote: Aap ki tasveer... is located in some other universe because it seems to have no room for or possibility of discord.

The creature from human species is alone. kya conflict karega bechaara aur bovine beings ko to zaroorat nhain conflict ki.

Bhaai chaarse bhaains chaara kar rahe hain.