Friday, February 25, 2011


Plants and animals alike have the genetic device which provides them with camouflage systems, which human beings have discovered as essential for survival. Mankind, however, camouflages for reasons of deceit, wickedness, avarice, and retribution, having assumed that we are already the fittest.
Anonymous wrote:

What a perfect perch porch...
sun n shade dappled.

The text in comparison, a stark truth sans shade.

Thank you.

Do I see a parrot...or is it a pigeon....wait, I think it is just a sparrow.....

What ruse....

Love charu

Monday, February 07, 2011


Update: Anonymous said...

Actually two of them!!!
Another piece that qualifies for the OMG category.
Thank you g

He is plying himself so intently, as opposed to intensely, his knuckles have turned white.
Long white beard kind of Tagorelike...
Love charu