Thursday, August 10, 2006


After 60 years of searching for truth or its meaning, I have a strange feeling that I have arrived at a crossroad: to learn more, I have to unlearn first what I have learned, or think that I have learned. All this has the sound of profundity. The problem is that I do not even know the meaning of it.

Is it possible that this is the point, the crossroad, where you stop your search.

Perhaps it means that knowledge is not knowable, and therefore not a destination. It is probably only a path which ends in a labyrinth which has no exit.

Thirty-five years ago I established an axiom: "knowledge is acquired by doubting." The problem is that when, if, all is known, the process of doubting must persist. This being the case, it is pointless to acquire knowledge to start with, because at the point of total knowledge there would exist only total doubt. The observation made above is probably affirmation and vindication of this dilemma.

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