Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We do not comprehend our lives as we live them, in terms of societal connectivity, the environment, not to mention our own domestic and interpersonal situations, let alone those arising from different cultures, different countries and different civilizations on our shrinking, wounded planet. We do not understand our deaths.

Yet the thirst for comprehension of life's origin, and the entire gamut of scientific discipline, works to find out its chemical, physical and perhaps mechanical functions. At the same time, we want to ensure that our discoveries are presented, and bring cultural revolution, in our own individualistic, didactic ways.

Those involved in the search, with great qualification or insatiable curiosity for understanding, can come out with theories and what would appear to be supportive evidence and proof, which gets altered or enhanced by some other so-called truths, at other places and by other seekers.

Hence the search of more than a millennium brought the knowledge of DNA. In the recent past this knowledge has led to the desire and ability to create DNA in the laboratory, even though such an empowerment has led to apprehensions, ethical and legal questions, outrage within religious communities, charges of blasphemy in tinkering with God's work and plan, and so on. 

And now it is the genome. And then, do not have doubt, something else beyond it, ad infinitum. The purpose is questionable because the goal is eternally shifting: no matter which point man reaches, he wants to seek another point, the cost notwithstanding. At worst, if not condemnable, perhaps in the long run, in terms of absolutes, the effort, although seemingly fascinating, is futile.

Charu wrote:
Strands of DNA swirling in, perhaps, a red primordial soup, a bolt of lightening and resulting fire all but end in futility not unlike the last word of the write-up; unless of course, soup happens to be 'Cosmopolitan' with lemon zest garnish.

my reply:
One Cosmopolitan with lemon zest garnish, coming right up, for the lady.
Bhashwati wrote:

Decoding Genome

The strands that bind
The genes that define
A marvel to unravel
A spectacle to behold…
The flaming dance of life
Encircling generations  
Bequeathing tricks and traits 
Of conscious life
Through unconscious transfers 

About the composition I don’t even want to know what you did to whom. It is enough that you caught in a frame the music of the spheres and the dance of life.

The colours for me embody all the elements bound in a dynamic dialogue.  It is a mesmerising spectacle. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tainted Mirror

mirror of stained memories
or old
or of old age

persistently impertinent

to be

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Short Story

A man was found guilty and convicted to death by hanging, by a District Magistrate in a small town, in one of the fastest trials and judgments in the country. He was 24 years old at the time.

All names of places and people have been secreted to protect their privacy and honour.

The media was roused and screamed that such a thing could happen only because of pressure from 'political' or rich and powerful forces; one or the other, or both. In the hue and cry that followed, the lawyer of the felon filed an appeal in the higher court alleging unfair judgment by virtue of having been 'influenced'; probably for the same reason, the appeal was dismissed. So it was re-filed in the High Court of the state, with the same result. Then it went to the Supreme Court. At this time the age of the convict was 39 years. The Supreme Court could not take up the matter quickly enough because it was busy arbitering on whether a particular song in a film should contain the name of a particular city, which had just been altered, or deleted before its release to prevent a law and order situation. The case languished. The media took up hectoring of other issues.

By happenstance, the case was revived, and it was alleged that it was at the instance of 'powerful' interests. CBI and other investigative authorities were summoned for help, and many committees and inquiry commissions were appointed to look into it. The involved hospital, and the pathologists who performed the alleged post-mortem of the alleged victim were unearthed and summoned. A dispute arose about whether the vicitim’s remains were consigned to cremation or buried. Friendly countries made offers of help through ISI, FBI, CIA, Mossad, MI5, which were politely, in keeping with the protocol, declined. The electronic media was hoarse, screaming “Foul, foul.” So did the friends and family members of the alleged victim/s. The age of the convict was now 59, and he was in the 11th jail from his first incarceration, and not celebrating. "Hang him! Hang him!" "Politicians resign!" "Disband investigative agencies, as useless, corrupt and worthless!" The Supreme Court took up the matter of deciding whether narco, videography and other forms of investigation and evidence were legally admissible and could be applied to the case.

Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, the judgment from the Supreme Court was released, upholding the sentence. As is the custom, the defendant’s advocates filed a Mercy Petition to the President of India. At the time, the age of the Petitioner was 69.

At the age of 79, our hero or villain, as you will, was found hanging in his cell, having tied all the rags and clothing material that he had been collecting from various jails. The only thing on his body that was found which was his own and belonged to him only was a pair of socks, given to him by a sympathetic relative during very inclement weather.

Vicariously following this case at sporadic intervals, media, symbiotically related to the society, decided in their collective wisdom that since the sentence could not be carried out on the victim, but the primacy of law should be upheld, to "HANG THE SOCKS."

This is not a true story; the unrelenting tragedy is, that it could be.

To the Prime Minister's Office:

My short story "Hang the Hangers" http://tinyurl.com/327r2rg ; I urge you to read it, and to use your office and the constitutional power it enjoys for redemption, if it is even remotely possible.

With best wishes for your health and peace of mind.
Ramesh Gandhi

cc: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
To the Home Minister's Office:

We met several times before you joined the Government (mid-70's, in the company of C. Badrinath, Jayanthi Natarajan, P. Murari, Ojha, Abraham Eraly, etc.), and had very vocal and stimulating arguments.  I do not see any reason why you would remember me, but I am sending you the copy of my letter to the Prime Minister for what you can do; or, like so many of us all, just shrug. I do hope that you will personally read the missive to the PM, and, if you do, I further hope that when you are in Chennai next, and if you have time, it would be a great pleasure to meet with you and renew our acquaintance.

Best wishes in the many difficult challenges that overwhelm you.
Ramesh Gandhi

cc: The Law Minister
Also sent to:
Dilip Kumar
Javed Akhtar
Barkha Dutt
Arnab Goswami
Rajdeep Sardesai
Amitabh Bachchan
Ram Jethmalani
Harish Salve
Justice M.S. Liberhan (ret'd)


Anonymous said...
1. On perusing your website someone coined a name for you: Sir-realist.
You just went and proved him right again.

2. Did the socks come first or the story? (rhetorical q)

3. The goose pimples came instantly.
Anonymous said...

Should I cry or not!
Should I laugh or not!

Love Charu
Anonymous said...
such is the tragedy.

Mira via b
Anonymous said...

Brilliant, as always! Brimming with wit and satire! You have not lost your touch to stir, provoke, and compel. Beautiful last line.

street se gyan said...
sir, you have portrayed in the best possible way , our inefficient judiciary system . the common man is going to live with the tragic system till the end.
Anonymous said...
have u got a reply from the Law and Home Ministers!!! would love to see their reply and do you really get any response from the other personalities or is it just their EA
Jineesha said...
Woww! This is REAL fiction. It's is so true. I'm wondering what must be going on in the convict's mind. I'm sure they must be dying bit- by- bit inside, just waiting!
Why does it take soooooo long to give justice in our country? I hope somebody reads this and does something about it. Its high time!
Great story. The ending is moving!
JP said...

I loved reading your short. Its sad to know such inefficiencies do exist in the legal system. Being that Mr. Akhtar was CC'd - I am guessing that there will be an upcoming film of his on the topic, starring Mr Bachchan as the hero. I will keep my eyes open for you on the red carpet.

Anonymous said...
As usual, broken the law of realism, with your very special intellectual wit. By the way, did you get a response from the ministry?

Sachin & Vivek
Ramesh Gandhi said...
Yes indeed, Sachin & Vivek: Their secretariats have assured me that the many issues raised by the Short Story need variegated investigation by equal number of Inquiry Committees and other Investigative Agencies. As soon as their report is received, the concerned Ministers and Officials will be very happy (read unhappy) to respond to my submissions, definitely no later than thirty years from now. So, I have to be overjoyed at the prospect of my not being alive to receive the news that the papers and files have somehow been found missing, and that new inquiries have been put in place to find out what happened, and how.

Monday, May 22, 2017


tucked in

after the bedtime story
happily ignorant
of print and electronic media
or a state of the art

Bhashwati wrote:
They look so simply funny wottotellonly.
i was thinking if the creators of Goldilocks and the papa bear mama bear people had seen this they could have done so many variations of their tale.

The blissful ignorance of the three is actually representative of the state of the largest number of human animals dont you think?
i wish awareness could be deemed blissful too.
Chalo jo bhi.
May the accursed bear their curse well.

Charu wrote: "And unaware of forks and knives to give them nightmares! It is a great picture."

Saturday, May 20, 2017


less lotus
less youth
less and less
moth-eaten life
cruel or beneficent

Friday, May 19, 2017

Post Mortem

post death 
a sleight removing
the mask of life
end of life

except lifeless complex atoms 
randomly creating or destroying 
other environmental lifeless matters
feelings cease 
knowledge anxiety fear hope desire 
disappointment hurt hunger rage 
laughter levity pleasure sensation
craving gratification

all but all cease
nothing but nothing
exists as non-existent

except that even the knowledge
 of its nicety 
relief succor
even craving for nicety
 also has ceased
because all feeling has ceased

because whatever remains 
dead and decayed 
and disintegrating 
ceases to feel and know

perchance life and then 

nothing into nothing

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Almost Like Earth

it's almost like Earth
just a little farther away

a few light years
but it's shiny
it's something new

what's so great anyway
about blue water
and green trees

Earth: it's a thing of the past

Monday, May 15, 2017


what does not
it will perish
what does not

even if it flourished once
it surely but surely fades away

history fades
every moment
into history
to be replaced by another
obliterating the previous
on and on

the flower
or me

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


windows open out
to other windows 
mostly a brand of voyeurism 
of the benign kind 
breathing in and out 
fresh stale 
breeze sunshine 
often rain

creating as much as fulfilling 
glances askance 
or familiarly straight 

often open 
often closed

Monday, May 08, 2017


You're tall and shapely
while I'm aging so fast
I'll soon be a raisin

I have lost my way
and I have a few questions
about metaphysics
and the universe
and fruit's place in it

I know you have the answers
just look deep within yourself
and read for me the patterns
of your tea leaves

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Crime Scene

a dying declaration
scrawled in blood
when at the last
you find that you have 
little wisdom to convey
except a scream
or perhaps a sigh


Thursday, May 04, 2017

Stream of Consciousness

The title of this picture is a lie, even if half in jest and half metaphor.

The truth of the matter is that consciousness, especially human, is extremely volatile and turbulent, only accidentally and transiently at peace, restful, harmonious by proxy or exhaustion, and not by its own nature. The picture is too gentle, almost soft, almost musical, and has a flow which is insanely unaware of the storms ahead.

The title is a dream, fantasy and wishful thinking. Given the awareness of the life in which we are all entrenched, perhaps this unrealistic, jarring note becomes forgivable.

I have not forgotten, and must remind those who chance upon this picture, that as much as 90% of our conscious activity is motivated and activated by the limbic part of the cerebellum, or the small brain, and is therefore in the clutches of our subconscious. Very little that we humans do is from our conscious knowledge, but is guided or most frequently, misguided by our subconscious. My picture above may be one such escape.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Carpenter (1973)

He was an angry man. I hired him to make some tables for my house. He did the work in my garden, and I saw him several times shouting at my maid, and felt intimidated by his strong presence. I went timidly inside to took this picture through the bathroom window. Later I asked my maid, "What is wrong with him? Why is he so angry?"  and she laughed and said that he was "Oru maathiri" -- a real character.