Friday, January 30, 2015


of fear

of a stalker
or of stalking

bereft of dignity
physically violated
seared by burns
but not dying

what is the shadow

of the frightened
of the approaching

or of maniacal possession
of one's own mind
to harm without limit

Anonymous wrote:

I was stunned at the power of that image and the text. I need to look at it longer and more closely and read it many times to do justice to it but for now. Thank you for putting it up.

I have been staring at the shadows boxing. As they gain substance they cease to be shadows and create all manners of delusion just as fear does. Come to think of it the fear of fear is far more substantial, that often overshadows and overpowers the simple fear of some object or condition. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Quit, O Mosquito


But seriously, unless all life on the planet Earth ceases; ironically, almost certainly brought about by mankind, mosquitoes, together with many other elementary, rudimentary forms, with the last remnants of the DNA constituting any form of life leaving its vestige, mosquitoes would be among the survivors.

So, what a wishful thought, or is it a dream.  By the way, is the picture above a wishful thought, a dream, or, to mankind at least, a pleasant, even if momentary, reality?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Light Incised

Bhashwati wrote:

i think whether one sees it as light incised or dark incised, will depend on time of day and frame of mind.

A few seconds i expended trying to grasp the angle and the object before dismissing it as an irrelevant exercise. 
The more fruitful thing seemed to be to simply look at the image, the sharp angles of the dark and the gentler curves of the light.

What a composition.
So many 3 dimensional lines and angles and curves.

Most befitting beginning of another spell of uncertain certainties and certain uncertainties.