Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Certain Smile

Update: Anonymous wrote:

When you see what i have seen...
When you give what i have given...
When you know what i have known...

You will then perhaps be ready to learn the alphabet of what they call L I F E.
Update: Charu wrote:


Apt grins for each stages of life.


love charu

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Contours of Reality

Boston, 1997

What is reality? What is truth? What is distortion? What is illusion? What is a lie, to deceive? What is a lie that comes from the unknown, or fear, or misguidance? Metaphysics is the equipment human beings have to respond to these and other such related questions. But then, human beings being fallible, apart from being variable, would deal with metaphysics also differently. So then, we become rudderless, at which time superstition and religion creep in and pervade. The irony is that religion is the ultimate self-deception, but then, most of mankind relegate their incomprehension to it, and to some design somewhere by some derelict designer, and wade through their lives in delusions, and belief in contentment emanating from them. Sigh.
Update: Anonymous wrote:
The image is a volume in itself. i could fill each grid with fresh meaning.

What a timely text.
But there is an absoluteness to it which would make it appropriate at any time, all times.

Mankind, relegating incomprehension to religion does acknowledge that it is deifying a derelict designer?
And in a stupendous feat of stupidity then designs its own dereliction to match the 'divine' randomness?

What a bizarre situation.
First we propound the brazen lie that God created man in his own image although no one has seen that God image.
Then we go creating ourselves in what we claim is the divine image: arbitrary, whimsical, erratic, heedless, ruthless, all knowing, tyrannical, receptive to flattery, bribery, completely irrational and even more completely unaccountable.

Thank you
Update: Charu wrote:

How can these statements ever be questioned?

All encompassing; there is not even a sliver of opening where a disputing argument can sneak in...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Life, a Bottomless Well

Labyrinth, with death as the only exit

All my life I have groped in dark recesses of my mind for illumination and understanding of the meaning of existence, unfortunately without finding either. That would demonstrate either my incompetence, incompatibility, or the worthlessness of life itself in absolute terms.

The irony has been that life’s only articulate and expressive representatives that one can engage in this quest are human beings, grossly confused if not biased altogether by the subjectivity of their personal experiences and reactions, unquestioningly inherited by tradition.

It is a no-win situation: If I succeed I have no adversarial reference point to prove life’s worthlessness and absence of its connectivity, because human beings live by virtue of unquestioned belief in life’s imperative import. That being the case, win or lose, this battle for knowledge of life or its extent is lost. Therefore, it follows without question, that I am a loser. So, interestingly, or shall I say intriguingly, metaphysically, life is also a loser, for having offered no contest.
Update:  Anonymous wrote:

You are incredible, SIR.

How can you for a moment consider yourself irrelevant to the business of life? Is there another such that can unravel complex thought the way you do and express it with such lucidity?

What use is it you will ask.
It points the way for a meaningful existence, despite the cross of consciousness that one must bear.

A long standing ovation to the text
and a wondrous speech struck admiration for the image.
Update: Charu wrote:


Who could say it better than you...

Will anyone pause and ponder even?

Most of us are mechanical robots wound up with keys of religion and tradition and everything else that goes with them.

love charu

Saturday, November 20, 2010